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                    ATTORNEY AT LAW                    

        ALEXANDER H. SCHMIDT, Esq.         

Class Actions
Business Disputes
Commercial Litigation
Contract Law
Arbitration and


“Alex Schmidt is a world-class litigator who comes prepared and delivers results in some of the most highly complex situations. It was an honor to watch him work.”

— Dan Garodnick, former NYC Councilmember


Getting justice for our clients. Solving their legal problems. It's what we have been doing every day for 35 years.  By litigating their disputes in court or resolving their matters out of court. Always putting our clients first.

With intelligence, integrity, insight, efficiency, hard work and genuine caring, in matters large or small. 

Let us bring our skills, knowledge, experience and dedication to bear to help you achieve the optimum resolution of your legal matter. Because for you, getting justice and solving your legal problem matters.



Fairways Professional Plaza

5 Professional Circle, Suite 204

Colts Neck, New Jersey 07722






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What People Are Saying

"Alex Schmidt did an extraordinary job representing the tenants of Stuyvesant Town and winning the biggest tenant legal victory in New York history. He is a world-class litigator who comes prepared and delivers results in some of the most highly complex situations. It was an honor to watch him work. "
- Dan Garodnick, former NYC Councilmember and Stuyvesant Town Class Member
“Being a lawyer myself, I know when I'm well-represented. Alex Schmidt is honest, smart and hard-working. A true lawyers’ lawyer.”
- Mark Patane, former Assistant Attorney General, State of Vermont
"Alex Schmidt’s work on the Stuyvesant Town case was arduous, brave and brilliant. His victory was the best thing that has happened to New York City tenants since the Rent Stabilization Law."
- Tim Collins, Collins Dobkin & Miller LLP
"As a lawyer, Alex brings his tremendous integrity, patience and humanity to his work and has a way of making his clients feel totally heard and recognized. He will explain a confusing concept as many times as it takes to be properly understood. While many lawyers are certainly well-qualified and fully capable, it’s quite rare to find a person of such high caliber and sterling character — one who genuinely cares about doing what’s right, sees the bigger picture, and acts for the greater good. His dedication to his clients, his work, and to what he believes in is remarkable, and I have only the highest of praise for Alex Schmidt — anyone who has the good fortune of having him on their side is BLESSED."
- Julie Harding, Class Representative
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